Rental Hall

Our large hall is available for public rentals all days, and nights of the week. Our hall comes equipped with a stage, tables, chairs, free wifi, an overhead projection screen, bathrooms separate from the bar, an entrance separate from the bar that is ADA compliant, adjustable overhead lighting, and commercial grade heating, & air conditioning. Two taps, and private bartenders are available upon request.

Call today to reserve your rental (414) 764-1827.

Rental Fee

The rental fee for Friday and Saturday is $350.00 for up to 6 hours.

The rental fee for Sunday through Thursday is $250.00 for up to 6 hours.

The rental fee for all veterans with proper identification is $200.00 each for Sunday through Thursday and $250.00 for Friday/Saturday with that security deposit being $200.00.


Security Deposit

The security deposit is $200.00 and is due when the event reservation is made. The security deposit will be available for pick-up by check within ten (10) business days, provided that all hall rules have been followed—no exceptions.



The hall rental fee, and any and all other charges will be paid in cash. We do not accept credit cards or personal checks. The security deposit and hall rental fee must be paid, IN FULL, seven (7) days prior to the event date. (Payment schedule is available.)


Hall Rules

  1. You are allowed to bring in your own food and non-alcoholic beverages.
  2. The renter is to supply their own plates, cups, etc.
  3. Renter will supply their own ice and storage containers for said ice.
  4. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the American Legion.
  5. All decorations are to be removed, as well as any tape on chairs, tables, walls and ceiling wire.
  6. At no time is tape of any kind to be applied to the floor.
  7. Any and all damages to the hall/floor will be cause to withhold some/all of the security deposit. Any costs to repair hall/floor damage will be paid with from the security deposit—no exceptions.
  8. NO outside alcohol will be brought into the hall by the renter or any guests.
  9. NO consumption of alcohol is to occur in the parking lot, rear of building, driveway or on the sidewalk in front of the building.
  10. If any such situations occur, the designated American Legion employee(s) reserve the right to close down the event immediately and the police will be called.
  11. At no time will any children under the age of 21 be allowed in the front/public bar area.
  12. At no time will the renter or any of the renter’s guests attempt to go behind the front/public bar, back bar, nor harass, intimidate or hassle the American Legion bar personnel. If this occurs, the police will be called and charges will be filed.
  13. Music—Friday/Saturday: All music must be turned OFF by 11:00 PM and the event must be out of the hall by 12:00 midnight. Sunday-Thursday: All music must be turned OFF by 9:00 PM and the event must be out of the hall by 10:00 PM.
  14. Place all garbage in the receptacles provided; you may ask for large garbage bags from the bartender, as needed.
  15. Absolutely no fighting. One (1) fight and your event will be shut down immediately; the police will be called and charges will be filed.
  16. Absolutely no weapons are allowed in the facility.
  17. NO UNDERAGE DRINKING; identification is required to be served alcohol. Renter/guests will be asked more than once to present identification as necessary (no passing of alcohol to minors).
  18. Absolutely NO GLASS CONTAINERS in the hall.
  19. Only sternos, microwaves, Nescos or slow cookers are allowed in the back hall to keep food warm.
  20. Fog machines and/or cotton candy machines are not allowed.
  21. No confetti, silly string or gum allowed.
  22. No staples are allowed to be used anywhere.
  23. During set-up, nothing should be placed in front of any doors or cabinets (inhibits access).
  24. All tables and chairs will be wiped clean of any food or spills.
  25. The floor must be swept; contact the bartender for brooms and dust pans.
  26. In the event of any glass breakage, notify the bartender immediately (for everyone’s safety).


Rental Cancellation

Cancellation of the rental event requires a two week notice, or the security deposit will be forfeited. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Our Facility

A walk-through of the hall with the renter and an American Legion employee on duty, will take place before and after the event. This is to determine if there has been any damage to the hall, floor, bar area, restrooms or property, and that the agreed to Hall Rules have been complied with. The walk-through must be made with the person who signed the contract. If, in the event that the walk-through is not possible, for any reason, the American Legion will determine if there are any damages or rule non-compliances.


Tap Beer

The renter will be provided with one (1) sleeve of cups free for the following: 50 12oz cups for a 1/4 barrell—100 12oz cups for 1/2 barrell). Any additional cups may be purchased at a cost of $5.00 per sleeve.

1/2 Barrel* of domestic: $180.00 (serves approximately 164 12oz cups)

1/4 Barrel* of domestic: $95.00 (serves approximately 82 12oz cups)

1/4 Barrel* of premium: $120.00 (serves approximately 82 12oz cups)

*Any barrel tapped will be paid for in full.



An American Legion bartender is required if beer is purchased for serving in the hall, for a cost of $70.00