American Legion Post #27 Mural

In 2014 the post membership noticed severe weather damage to the South Milwaukee Veterans Council (SMVC) mural on our western clubhouse wall. Upon further inspection is was determined that the mural was failing, and that the 100+ year old cream city brick wall that it was painted on was deteriorating.

The post command began gathering resources, planning for what was hoped to be a restoration project, and started an outreach to local artists (known as the planning, and outreach stage).

The planning, and outreach stage began in late 2014, and continued through most of the first half of 2015. Outreach to the original artist, the South Milwaukee School District, and other possible parties resulted in mostly negative responses.

After a handful of artists inspected the wall it was determined that the original mural was deteriorated beyond restoration. Brian Keene (a resident of South Milwaukee, and accomplished artist & muralist) was contacted for his advice, and expertise. After several meetings with the post representatives, and with the SMVC it was determined that the clubhouse wall needed repairs, and stabilization. The SMVC authorized work to begin, and the next stage of the project began (renewal stage).

The clubhouse wall was stabilized, and completely deteriorated segments were repaired, and sealed against the weather by several individuals. By the end of 2015 the project team began preparing a request authorization from the SMVC to secure materials, and man hours to create a new mural. In the last SMVC meeting of 2015 it was agreed that the mural project can tentatively move forward. Under the advise of the project team the SMVC agreed that the new mural would not go directly onto the clubhouse wall; instead the artist will paint it on paneling that will attach to the clubhouse.

As of spring 2016 the mural project is slowly, but surely advancing. The SMVC has agreed upon some characteristics of the new mural; however, out of respect for the families of our namesakes, and the greater veteran community at large the final design is still under refinement.

You should direct all questions to the SMVC president, and his project staff.